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“Responsible behavior towards all stakeholders is key for economic success.” Marcel Brenninkmeijer, Founder

People – Planet – Profit

Guided by the 3-P principle of People-Planet-Profit, Good Energies aims to bring financial success together with sustainable returns for the environment and for society. We seek to help drive the transition to a low-carbon economy, as well as to bring affordable renewable energy to the developing world.

The transition to more renewable sources of energy offers unique challenges and opportunities in each dimension of the 3-P sustainability principles which guide our investments:


Poverty alleviation through increased access to affordable renewable energy


Accelerated transition to clean energy resources


Outstanding business opportunities with superior returns

Because Good Energies believes that access to affordable renewable energy is a precondition of poverty alleviation, Good Energies has dedicated a portion of its investments to companies focused on expanding access to renewable energy in the developing world. We see our work in the developing world as an essential vehicle to spread the adoption of renewable energy solutions across the globe.

Energies for good

While being a successful investment firm, Good Energies helps driving the global transition to a low-carbon economy and, in the developing world, supporting poverty alleviation through access to renewable energy.

Fundamental renewable energy transition

Renewable energy is projected to provide 80% of world energy demand by 2100, with solar representing the lion’s share at 64% of demand.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Power from renewable energy sources

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Our strengths

Good Energies aims to be the preferred investor in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries. We focus on the areas of solar, turbine-based renewables, green building technologies, renewable energy companies operating in the developing world, and other promising game-changing renewable energy technologies. The key elements of Good Energies’ investment approach are:

  • An investment strategy based on the 3-P principle (People-Planet-Profit)
  • A long-term investment strategy
  • A proven track record of achieving our social and financial objectives
  • A passionate global team committed to the renewable energy transition
  • Leading technical insight and deep, extensive and respected industry expertise
  • Strategic perspective to achieve superior returns
  • A commitment to our values: integrity, respect, and sustainability
  • A global network

Global Energy Use by Source in the 21st Century

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